How to lose stubborn fat?

Ian Birchall Fitness

Losing weight DOESN’T mean starving yourself or giving up your favourite foods.

This is the reality that my client Kathy had to learn.

After putting on weight during COVID, Kathy wasn’t happy with what she saw in the mirror.

With working full time, wife and being a mother of two, Kathy was fed up of always feeling tired and sluggish.

The problem was, Kathy was stuck in an endless cycle of restricting and bingeing.

Eliminating all the foods she enjoys and restricting her options…

❌An IMPOSSIBLE goal to maintain❌

Kathy was left feeling frustrated, annoyed, and having lost all hope of getting back in shape, she craved so badly.

💡That’s why my approach is different.

My client transformations always start from the INSIDE.

You get to eat what YOU want to eat but in a way that doesn’t sabotage your weight loss efforts…

And gives you BALANCE which makes it feel like you’re not on a diet at all.

😱By finding that balance, Kathy went from 158lbs to 125lbs…

👉🏼Reaching her 16 week fat loss goal in just an AMAZING 8 weeks!

And we didn’t have to make massive changes to her diet.

Now her body shape has completely changed

Her confidence has grown, and her general and mental health has improved overall.

🤔Do you want to lose weight and follow a meal plan which gives you more freedom with your food choices?

And get results like Kathy in just 8 weeks?

📥DM me “LEAN” and I’ll show you how.


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