Transformation in 18 Months

I was always tired with no energy and feeling disappointed in myself with no motivation, my weight was going up and I had no idea where to start. It was time for a lifestyle change and that’s when I began my journey with House of Champions weighing 168lbs. Walking into the gym for the first time was terrifying however with the help of Ian and his training program not only did I become comfortable I couldn’t wait to go back the next day. Not only was I accountable to someone but they taught me how to meal plan, eat properly and my training programming was even customized for back issues that I had. I started to see results right away which only made me even more determined to see more results, there was no stopping me I wanted so see abs. In 18 months I weighed in at 118lbs, I lost 50lbs of bodyfat and gained lean muscle and I saw abs!!!!!! I couldn’t have done it without House of Champions.

– Sandy Ferreira


Felt Right From The Start

I approached Ian after deciding that I wanted to compete in my first Mens Physique competition. At this point I had already spoken with a few different coaches in Winnipeg and spent weeks contemplating who to choose as I was trying to find the best match for me. For some reason none of the coaches I had spoken with prior to Ian felt right. After speaking with Ian on the phone I knew right away Ian would be the best coach for me. From his passion and excitement just discussing stepping on stage, I knew Ian would not only be a coach but a mentor and a guide throughout my fitness career. In a short period of time working together I have already won my first show and placed top 5 at my first Provincial Championship. Regardless of the placements or trophies I have taken home in my first season stepping on stage, I have gained a family and a coach that I am honored to call my friend.

– Josh Cooperband


Most Down to Earth “Coach”, Friends That I Have

I’ll just go right off the bat Starting with meeting Ian at my work, I knew right there and then, that this was the coach I want. It wasn’t really even a “coach-client” relationship it was more like we’re brothers or family in a sense. He was more surprised when I told him “no one was coaching me and I’ve been doing my own prep”. When he said, “well I got you” it was instant, didn’t doubt when he said “He got my back” cuz he literally did. Understood all my situations and what I was going through. It was the family atmosphere that kept me in the team. Ian and Olivia are the most down to earth “coach” friends that I have. And I’m forever grateful for all the knowledge, support and guidance. #houseofchampions forever

– Albert Villagomez | 2018 MABBA Mr. Manitoba Classic Bodybuilding Champion


Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

Like i always say, one if the best investments I’ve ever made was being a part of the House Of Champions. Why? Because they believed in me when others didn’t. Even when i didn’t believe in myself. They pushed me to my limits, and then they pushed me some more.
The House Of Champions was a team that came together with the desire to win, but ended up becoming my family. They made me feel valued in a sense that they were there for me literally every moment and not only in a competitive stand point but also in life. I was not just a number. I was part of a family. I was part of the House Of Champions.

– Kenny Rollon | 2018 MABBA Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion and 2018 Best Poser Award


Becoming a part of House of Champions is one of the best decisions

Becoming a part of House of Champions is one of the best decisions I have made. Choosing a new coach and allowing yourself to put all of your trust into them, especially when regarding a competition prep, is not always an easy task. However, after talking to Ian for the first time I knew that I had made the right choice and that I would be in good hands. I never once doubted his ability to bring me in to my best shape ever. We went ahead and I placed first and third in my first show under his guidance. Throughout my entire competition prep right up until show day, I saw a coach who truly cares and goes above and beyond for all of his clients. I didnt just feel apart of a team, I felt apart of a family.

– Kartherine Fehr | Figure Competitor


How I train, eat, and carry myself has changed for the better

I’ve always been a very active individual who always tried to lose weight and keep it off. For years I have always struggled with weight loss and having confidence in myself in achieving that goal. I contacted House of Champions from my first conversation and workout with Ian, that all changed. I am now down over 30 lbs and have kept it off, I have a new found confidence that has been infectious, and a new drive and determination for other goals in my life. How I train, eat, and carry myself has changed for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful for what House of Champions has helped me achieve.

– Kirk Kantyluk